Work Performance Mediocrity

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April 12, 2017
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Work Performance Mediocrity

Multitasking business woman working in the workplace

We hear all too often that someone is a “good multi-tasker”. That may be important in some cases, but how much work is really getting done while you juggle all of those different tasks? In all actuality, none of it is done as well as it should be. Welcome to another bad work habit that gets in the way of peak performance productivity- workplace mediocrity.

Multi-tasking is completing multiple things at once often with lesser quality. This comes straight from Craig Jarrow, a man who has dubbed himself the “Time Management Ninja”. Through writing and courses, he teaches people how to manage their time better in general. He is a strong opposer to multi-tasking and the lack of strong work that results from it. You may not be a time management ninja, but you should also not settle for producing average work. It could be more harmful to you than you think.

You do not want to be considered the mediocre one because you try to juggle too much. This makes you seem like the weak link when you really just need to learn how to manage your time better. A couple simple ways to manage your workload include finishing one task before starting another, putting away your cell phone or any other handheld devices, and creating a schedule to complete each task. Once you organize your workload, your work performance will increase with it.

Once you are able to end your multi-tasking ways, people at work will begin to notice. You will be less overwhelmed at the office. You will produce better work. Most importantly, your boss will be more satisfied with the quality of work you are putting out. If time management is something that seems to be a recurring problem for you, there is nothing wrong with trying to read a book or take a course to learn how to better yourself.

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