New Perspective For A New Year

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December 6, 2017
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January 8, 2018
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New Perspective For A New Year

The magic of a new year starts with a bright outlook ahead. We all have the chance to begin again and even carry over some residual professionals goals from last year to achieve. Let’s make this year filled with substantive and qualitative career improvements and changes that result in a better you.

A workplace should be a place where you, as a worker, are able to express yourself by putting your best foot forward and working up to your potential. It is an environment that you are excited to be a part of. This is, however, not the case in many of our workplaces today. We are not motivated to wake up and go to work because we do not like what we do. You may be there for the pay but you are not personally satisfied with your work. It can be very daunting to perform well in your area of specialization if you do not enjoy doing the tasks that are required for you to do your job. Feeling fulfilled in our careers gives us the drive needed to work even harder because we know we will be rewarded for it.

I know how liberating it can be to go against the current and choose to work in an area that you love. So now’s the time to take the leap of faith. Let this year be the year that you say no to complacency and embrace change. Embrace digging deeper within, self motivation, risk and that extra needed push to be able to enjoy your work. I promise doing the work will deliver exemplary results.

This year challenge yourself. Is there something that you have wanted to do but held back because of self-doubt and being afraid of what others may think of you? Do you think you are a good leader and can supervise your colleagues better? This is the year to let go of the doubts. Shed your fears and dive into the deep end. Try something new, like a certain task at your workplace and you will be surprised just how easy it is!

Let us all say YES to new beginnings because this is what will bring excitement and flavor to our lives. Find your niche and aspire to grow. 2018 is your year to reach for more and never settle for less. Aspire to learn and utilize a new skill in your workplace. Communicate more effectively, strive to understand difference and facilitate positive interaction in the workplace because this is the true recipe for success and a great year ahead. Cheers!

I am president and owner of A. Solomon Recruits, a 100% minority, woman search boutique that places diverse candidates in the Finance and Fintech spaces. Also, a career coach and blogger. I am a career catalyst and a true champion for diversify Wall Street initiatives and gender equity. I offer game changing, disruptive insight on all things applicable to recruiting, inclusion and career tips. If you like my writings and would like to continue reading then like, comment and follow me: Twitter:

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