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Are Human Resource jobs and recruiters like myself quickly becoming an extinct profession in the face of apps, data analytics and social media? I think this will be a western showdown for sure.

I’m thinking of myself as John Wayne in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly preparing for a showdown in the middle of town. My cowboy boots, big hat and gun in holster against digital technology. The countdown begins to see who be the fastest at taking down their opponent.

While I do see a major dwindling of human resource professionals and recruiters, what I do not see is total extinction of the field. Human Resources is becoming obsolete because automation and analytics are taking over. While we cannot ignore new age technology filled with significant changes in automation, data and analytics, I refuse to believe that the human factor will become altogether extinct. Machines cannot speak to the personality and soul of individuals. Machines cannot spot that diamond in the rough candidate, where a recruiter like myself can see the spark. Machines cannot visualize character that may not be portrayed on paper and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

While technology is fast developing at a constant cost, man versus machine human resources -it’s inevitable that the way human work and are managed will change within the years to come. In fact, the Boston Consulting crew not too long ago estimated that, by way of 2025, as much as a quarter of jobs will be replaced by using either smart software or robots. As well as impacting the broader body of workers, this is certain to have a large outcome on HR and resourcing services.

An automated workforce: An in-depth report from Oxford college, on the future of employment expected that 35 percent of jobs are at danger of automation in the next twenty years. We are already seeing driverless automobiles, ‘carbots’ for the aged and automated verify-outs making their method into everyday workplace practices, and the pattern is the most effective starting, however what result will this have on the office? Man versus Machine HR- will it make workers more effective or will it reason mass unemployment and economic unrest?

The gain knowledge of claims that events, jobs inclined to computerization are essentially the most at danger. For apparent reasons, more inventive jobs, such as writing, entrepreneurship and scientific discovery, can be nontoxic and even more likely to benefit from technological developments. Yet while we have the technological advances you cannot remove the human factor from HR.

The effects on HR as a service: On the bright side, as unique roles – akin to assess-outs at supermarkets – come to be automated, different jobs are being created to support, advance and control this new science. These developments would even lead to additional time for ‘human roles’ to focus on more ingenious, productive tasks.

So how will this impact HR? Our up-to-date workforce Horizons study located that businesses believe that one in ten roles at present will no longer exist by 2025, so HR will, of course, ought to regulate to those new role requisites as they increase, by specializing in filling the knowledge gaps created by way of the sheer % of technological trade.

We’re already seeing a well-documented abilities scarcity in phrases of digital technological know-how, so it’s clear that rather more needs to be achieved to ensure the team of workers is on the front foot for the long run. Who knows, computerized machines would even aid plug the abilities hole; assisting present tech groups with mundane duties, and liberating up extra time for training, abilities and innovation.

Organizations will need to evaluation their HR procedure as designated jobs end up extra automated. Contracts, search methods and skill sets, amongst other matters, will exchange. We’ve already seen how digitalization and the introduction of social media have affected recruitment however HR will need to adapt their offerings even further to meet the standards of future firms.

The future of HR: So the gigantic question is whether or not the function of the HR legitimate itself is at danger? Swiftly advancing technology won’t best have an impact on the roles at hand, but also who executes them. Automation has already made an influence on HR, as tasks equivalent to staff coaching grow to be extra efficient with the aid of utilizing computerized trying out programs. The key for HR is to look the possibility, alternatively than the danger. Through embracing the thought of automation, and even the use of robotics, for the more transactional tasks, HR can liberate more time to focus on adding real strategic value to reshaping the role and filling the hole automation cannot add value.

To stay primary and ahead of the game, HR must alter its center of attention to prove its worth by taking the lead on impactful, actionable functions on man vs. desktop in a way which highlights innovation inside the department and accordingly comfy its worthy seat along with a desktop.

I am president and owner of A. Solomon Recruits, a 100% minority, woman (WBENC and WOSB) certified search boutique that caters to finance, Fintech and healthcare. Data Governance Management, Infrastructure Management, Information Technology and Cyber Security conducted searches for both industries. I am also a career catalyst, an impetus for professional change. I offer game changing, disruptive insight on executive search, career tips, advice as well as, real talk messages that will inspire, empower and create limitless pathfinding journeys. My goal is to make you continue to think, question and push your career boundaries. I’m also a girl, who proudly reps Brooklyn. A proud Brewers (Vassar) alum. A mother of four beautiful children. An always keep it real champion of global inclusion and social responsibility recruiting initiatives. If you like my writings and would like to continue reading about my executive search journeys and unique career coaching techniques then like, comment below and follow me: Facebook: ; Twitter:

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