Diversity Hiring Outlook For 2018

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November 20, 2017
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Diversity Hiring Outlook For 2018


One of the most significant problems in the U. S. economy is lack of diversity in the workplace. I have written countless articles about this and will continue to champion the cause until real change takes effect. There are multiple reasons for the existence of this lack issue, most of which involve failure to recognize that diverse inclusion programs often go hand-in-hand with solid company growth. Regardless of the reasons, the result is still usually the same: companies often hire workers because of numbers and appearances, many times delegating anyone in a minority group to menial tasks and routine assignments while rarely promoting minority workers to executive positions. This is a trend that must be addressed, and 2018 is the year for that change to occur.

This trend also means it is vital for corporations to look to professional executive talent recruiters like A. Solomon Recruits to help identify and match those potential executives with their escalating corporate belonging initiatives.

Diversity Hiring 2018

According to a report by Glassdoor, diversity will be the key issue for human resource departments in 2018 for many employers. Over 750 hiring managers agree that inclusion will be the key to company growth going forward, and all companies will be competing for the most qualified minority candidates who are now more informed on job placement than any prior generation. The lack of investment in programs for inclusive recruiting has been signaled as the primary problem for long-established companies, but there are several emerging business entities set to rectify this situation in the upcoming year. Those companies include:

●     Blackrock

●     Gap Incorporated

●     Veterinary Specialty Center

●     Point B

●     Pandora

●     Pulte Mortgage

●     CareMessage

●     HCSC

●     Atlassian

●     Dropbox

●     Teachers Pay Teachers

●     San Diego Zoo Global

●     Accenture

●     Bridgespan

●     Virid

●     Mosaic

●     TransUnion

●     Blackbaud

●     NFP

●     City of Fort Worth

Gender Diversity

The most obvious group of individuals worthy of professional inclusion are women. Women have long struggled for advancement in the workplace, especially as corporate executives. This has occurred in spite of the fact that women currently earn well over half of all bachelor’s degrees and an even larger share of first professional degrees. In addition to strong academic statistics at the master’s level, women are also earning more doctorates and certifications. Their talent cannot be ignored.

Race Diversity

African and Latin Americans have experienced the similar glass ceiling in the workplace regarding upper level advancement. One major criticism of the traditional corporate headquarters work environment is that the Board of Directors and company top brass do not necessarily reflect the actual people that they value as customers and clients. Having a solid plan for inclusion commitment at the management level can be a major factor in corporate growth when it impacts potential customers when making their purchasing decisions. Savvy hiring managers understand this in 2018, and many human resource professionals are ready to make that commitment for their company.

Why You Need a Professional Executive Recruiter

Professional management recruiters like A. Solomon Recruits understand what is required for executive talent success at the corporate level, many times already having established a business relationship with the right individual to suit your corporate needs. This can help to ensure a solid diverse pool of executives to choose from who have corporate belonging while also freeing time required for an intensive corporate diverse inclusion talent search. Tackling diversity requires time and attention and will not be done without effort and intention.

I am president and owner of A. Solomon Recruits, a 100% minority, woman search boutique that places diverse candidates in the Finance and Fintech spaces. Also, a career coach and blogger. I am a career catalyst and a true champion for diversify Wall Street initiatives and gender equity. I offer game changing, disruptive insight on all things applicable to recruiting, inclusion and career tips. If you like my writings and would like to continue reading then like, comment and follow me: https://www.facebook.com/Cocktails-Career-Talk-534763273361609/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CocktailsCTalk

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