A. Solomon Recruits (ASR) is an innovative management consultancy

specializing in Accounting/Finance, Risk Management, and, Information Technology, CYBERSecurity, FINTECH, Healthcare and Pharma contingency executive search.We are a certified minority, woman-owned executive placement firm that caters to accounting and financial; risk management; information technology, FINTECH, healthcare and pharma professionals.

It is our goal for our Clients to experience an incomparable, seamless search experience. We understand our Clients are busy and it is our job to take the search off your already full plate. Source, identify, extensively pre-screen and reference the best quality, matched Candidates before presenting them to you. Once presented we are with you every step of the way. We want hello Candidates to hire revenue generating, value added Employees for each and every Client.

Our area of expertise includes the entire spectrum of the Finance, Banking, Information Technology, FINTECH industries. We also have significant experience in accounting firms, life insurance, asset management, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, oil, natural resources and information technology companies.

In an increasingly competitive market place, A. Solomon Recruits (ASR) is setting the standard by which other competitors are judged. Traditional solutions often do not work in the fast moving global markets of the 21st Century. Our creativity, openness and dedication to relationship building set us apart from the rest.

Our reputation is founded not just on results but how the methodology which we employ to get to those results. We operate with complete discretion and pay meticulous attention to detail. Our game plan is clear and concise. We believe in saving our clients time and money by finding them the best candidates in a short period of time.

Our small team comprises innovative and focused professionals of the highest caliber. We are perfectionists: the professionalism, integrity and efficiency of our people have won our clients’ trust. Our cutting edge solutions will continue to win their business.

Our most recent venture is the expansion of our firm into the Healthcare (including Hospitals/ Urgent Care, Health Systems) and Pharmaceuticals space.

Always investing in your team, your goals, your vision, A. Solomon Recruits is your Go-To!


Using the standard online recruitment tools and our internal network, our team spent almost 3 months searching, screening and interviewing candidates to fill an open position on our healthcare investment banking team in San Francisco. At the end of the three months, we resolved to bring in a recruiter. Angie and her team helped our San Francisco based technology team find a qualified candidate prior and came with strong recommendations. After discussing the position and the required background and experience we were looking for in a candidate, it didn’t take long for her team to put us in contact with some very high caliber candidates. In less than a month from the start of our engagement, we completed our interview process and had hired a new team member who possesses all of the qualifications we had requested. ASR did an excellent job pre-screening potential candidates and only presenting viable candidates with the pre-requisite experience resulting in a highly efficient and effective process. –Tom Pollard, VP, Healthcare Investment Banking –Tom P., San Francisco

Angela is hands down one of the best executive search professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. She exudes professionalism and a level conscientious sincerity that is a rarity when using third party search. She gets the job done as she is well connected in the industry. Angela is always accessible, with a listening ear and will ask plenty of questions until she fully understands what I am looking for as a Client. I highly recommend using her services as she has been my repeat “go to”, “get the job done” executive search firm of choice for many years now. –Kim S., Head of Fixed Income – Loop Capital NYC

There are all types of recruiters out there. Angie was one of a kind. Professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and gets the job done. She knows her industry well and I can count on her to manage my recruitment, rather than me having to reject candidates/revise my search/re-direct a recruiter. She has worked with my firm on Fixed income, Equities, and Banking searches and has a great sense of the market. She is a pleasure to work with. I recommend her highly! – Kimberly Singer SPH, Head of HR – Kevin D. NYC


Your Career is Our Investment – Rest assured your career is in good hands when working with A. Solomon Recruits! We put the “human-ness” back into your job search.

We understand that your search for a new opportunity is not easy but we handle ALL Candidates’ goal of obtaining his/her “right” opportunity with discretion and consideration. We work to understand YOU!

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology Candidates feel the coldness of the human resource-recruiting industry. Telephone calls have been replaced by emails sometimes unanswered. Applying to jobs, where you handed in applications to Companies (in the past) has been replaced by company websites, job boards and resume posting. I have heard so many Candidates/Job Seekers complain about submitting their resumes to a job and never getting a response or, a generic one. A. Solomon Recruits seeks to change the industry standard!

We provide individualized attention with ALL of our Candidates! In our eyes, you’re not a commodity; you’re a person who deserves care and attention. We commit to finding your “right” job and career path.

What Are Candidates Saying:

Angela is one of the best recruiters I have every worked with. She is very knowledgeable in finance, can speak the language, understands market trends as well as, current volatile market conditions. She is genuine when trying to help. She’s all about her business and calls with jobs orders or out of general concern. This is quite a unique quality in today’s executive recruiters. I highly recommend you work with her as you will receive an incomparable search experience. She personifies top notch recruiting at its best. – David D. –Investment Analyst NYC

Dear Prospective Candidate,

Let me walk you through the A. Solomon Recruits (ASR)

step by step process:

We make it our business to hear you by listening and working with you to identify your career path. We interview you and have an in-deph conversation about chronological order of your résumé as well, if there are lapses in time between jobs. We make suggestions to you about how you can better present your resume and yourself during an interview. If need be, we offer Cocktails & CareerTalk- career coaching services that includes: resume writing and interview preparation.

Once we get an overall picture of your career goals and what’s your next move, we then make you aware about the JOB opportunities we’re working on that are suitable. If there is nothing at the time, you remain in our database easily at our disposal once a job comes in that suits your background. Based of our proven match ability system, we then ask your permission to send your paperwork to the Employer to see if there’s a potential fit.

*PLEASE NOTE: We take the and discretion of your job search seriously. We would NEVER send out your résumé without your permission. Never have and never will!Once the Client expresses an interest in meeting you we work around your hectic schedule to set up an initial interview and any additional meetings if need be. No matter how long it takes, we provide you with feedback once your résumé is sent to a potential Client and whether or not there is an initial meeting.

*PLEASE NOTE: Clients have duties outside of interviewing Candidates sometimes they get back quick sometimes they don’t. Also, the longer they take to get back is sometimes not a good sign!! Timing plays a key role in the hiring process.We walk you through the entire process until you step through the front door to start your new job. From compensation, benefits, relocation (if need be) negotiation to sealing the deal with your new endeavor. We stay in touch after and still remain always accessible.


A. Solomon Recruits