April 9, 2015


HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT RECRUITER Let’s face it; recruiters are the professional matchmaking cog in America’s always evolving, spinning jobs wheel. As recruiters, we are […]
April 1, 2015

Angela Solomon, President

Angela Solomon offers a unique blend and extensive breadth of experience relative to Human Resources/ Recruitment. She has been involved in the corporate and agency recruiting […]
January 13, 2015

Finding the Perfect Job

Getting Hired in 2015 It’s a brand new year and a brand new you.   For some of us, our goal in 2015 is going to […]
December 3, 2013

Ready, Set, Go Get Your Job

Interview Bootcamp 101 So you got the call.  The company you applied to wants to meet you.  A burst of exhilaration floods your senses.  You passed […]